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Google Plus Curators for Photographers

A selection of some great Curated projects by some great people on Google Plus (Google+) for photographers.

Submit you photos, see what others post and learn together in this great photography community on Google+.

Detailed Curated list at Thanks to Eric for putting this together and for Mykal Hall for sharing this link.

So far my favourites are below, but there are many themes to get into:

Macro Monday: Share a macro photograph.
Curators are Kerry MurphyJennifer Eden, and Kelli Seeger Kim. Use #MacroMonday tag in your post.

Floral Friday: Share a photo where flowers are the subject.
Curator is Tamara Pruessner. Use #FloralFriday tag in your post.

About The Author

Harmeet Gabha

Founder of PhotoInsomnia, Harmeet loves to photograph and share experiences on his blog. He loves to take all kinds of photos creating great images in camera and post-production. He currently shoots with Fujifilm X-T1 but also uses his older Canon 7D but his latest love is DJI Phantom 3.

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